Flolite – New Japanese Brand Floral Foam!

Flolite – New Japanese Brand Floral Foam!

Flolite Japan Floral Foam

Floral foam for fresh flower arrangements by Flolite. The foam is specifically designed to hold and retain a heavy load of water and nutrition from the flower food. With high water absorption rate, it carries enough water that can last until a week.  The fine cell structure of the floral foam will prevent water from drying out and helps the flower stems to carry more water into the flower stems.

-Flolite- has been around to constantly serve Japanese floral designer and decorator. The foam works as a sponge and preservative to prolong vase life of cut flowers, keeping it fresh and vibrant. The unique capillary reaction of the fine sponge cells also easily pushes water into the stems of the flower.


  • Flolite Plus +

The Flolite Plus+ is suited for soft to medium hard stems of flowers.  With better value, Flolite Plus+ is suitable for big wedding decorations and florists. With satisfactory density and foam character, it is very widely used among flower enthusiasts.


  • FLolite  -Hard-

Flolite Hard Floral foam comes with a better density ratio. The harder character of the foam is able to hold heavy and thick stem flowers. The ability to retain shape and structure of heavy flower arrangements makes it as the perfect medium for an arrangement.

Enjoy Flolite.

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